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Contemporary and traditional Indian cuisine at its best.

Choose your style. Plate, Wrap or Naan Pizza.

Meat, fish, curry, vegetables and grilled items, Curry & Co. has it all! We offer something for everyone. Plate, Wrap or Naan Pizza. Choose your style, add one of the 12 unique items and make it a meal. It's that simple and that delicious!

Curry & Co. is a quick serve, freshly prepared contemporary and traditional Indian cuisine at its best. We offer an amazingly delicious variety of food ranging from clay oven naan to butter chicken to fish tikka that are bound to rejuvenate your taste buds. Specializing in grilled items, Curry & Co. promises a mouth-watering barbecue menu. Favorites include Bihari Kebab, Tandoori Chicken and Sheekh Kebab. The tantalizing dishes can not only be served with rice/naan to keep traditions going, it could also be made into wraps or better yet be used as a topping for our infamous naan pizza. In other words, we have 12 items that can be served 36 different ways!

Curry & Co. is here to provide high quality food that is set to redefine the Indian fast food experience.

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Our Menu

Rooted Firmly With Indian Flavours

Veggie Combos

Served with rice or fresh naan

  1. Veggie Items:

    - Chana Masala (Chick Peas)
    - Palak Paneer/Aloo (Spinach with Cheese/Potatoes)
    - Aloo Matar/Paneer (Peas with Potato/Cheese)
    - Cabbage
    - Mixed Vegetables

Sides and Drinks

  1. Drinks:

    - Pop
    - Mango Lassi
    - Juice

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